Saturday, 30 March 2019

Monday, 11 March 2019

Encoding mathematical logic onto the Orion's belt constellation

Let us assume a sequential pattern for the constellation of Orion's Belt, thusly (barring the skewing of apparent 2 dimensional alignments of 3D placements of the stars, of course):

The basic pattern achieves a template that intersects no lines; 1, 7, 2, 4, 6, 3, 5 is another one; 1, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5, 7; 5, 6, 3, 4, 7, 1, 2...; is there proof that it is tends to (factorial 7) = 7! such configurations? Assuming that the net filters reversal sequences as redundant statements, what is the precise result of this figure's possibilities?

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

An advice for my children and grandchildren

Don't rely upon how-to books. Educate yourself on topics of your concern and interest. Your interaction with the contemporaneous realities must be dynamic, guided by educated principles but no matter what they are you must beforehand contemplate and test them yourself and accept or reject them for reasons you can defend. There is no other way.

I've wasted much time by my own unchecked passions. If asked to justify some of what I've done I can only sit in silent shame. I can tell you that being a hothead is counterproductive.

Thankfully, I've not seen this impetuous impulsiveness in any of you, all of you gifted and cool in your ways that I would have never expected and am continually amazed and delighted by.

What I think I've found eventually is that we must believe in that which is greater and grander than us, sincerely; to love magnanimity, justice and mercy enough to extend them even to those we think unworthy by virtue of our personal feelings or circumstances; to be the best we can be (this is tricky because who decides those 'best' standards defines them so try and find a balance/acceptance between what you want and what you need - it takes a certain humility to admit this honestly).

The universe to me is flawless and perfect. I have sought, and seen/gotten much and broadly. People I love will always surround me, the universe will always engage - this I know now. But my search for enlightenment will never end. The strands of thought twist and wind with a purpose: to afford me the opportunity to live content.

Micah 6:8