Thursday, 22 February 2018

a distillation

We all like to be acknowledged and appreciated. We all like to know we count.
-Frances Cole Jones

I think self-help gurus as Frances are full of crock as the Buddhist monk that I just saw being cutely cryptic on TV saying that 'enlightenment' cannot be taught and that when he points out the moon for us that we should not be distracted by his pointing finger. -what is enlightenment anyway?

But I really believe in the quote above. I think deep down when we see beyond ourselves (to look at ourselves), when all attachments, ambitions, and expectations fall away from focus we do realize that 'we all like to be acknowledged and appreciated' - just as the Christ said, plain and simple - no four-fold, eight-fold, umpteen-fold path, no 12 step program.

I've been force-feeding myself all the ugliness I see on the news everyday, not really knowing why and what for. Then, I came across the quote above this morning and it kind of stuck to me because I recently experienced (in my mind) its absence personally (if only for a moment): I literally lost my mind.


Ps: two very important persons in my life (whom I tried to drive away) reached out and snatched me from my madness despite myself.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

I am human

nothing human is strange to me. I am in the fray. -to paraphrase Publius Terentius Afer, that is.

in the great wilderness my honour is my currency, my word the mite everywhere else after.

A postcard from the other side

There was me before and there was me after.

In an unexpected turn of phrase in my formulation of the problem, it suddenly solved itself...