Sunday, 17 December 2017

The lowest form of a human being

The lowest form of a human being, in my estimation, is the "Christian" conservative. He (and I mean "he") is without any sense of humanity.

Margret Thatcher, Stephan Harper, Bibi Netanyahu, Donald Trump, RNC, "the moralmajority" (Australia, North America, and the so called "nationalists" of Quebec), are he. -I do not include Kim Jongill nor other despots of note simply because they've shown some semblance of restraint and decorum during their tenure as despicable human beings - ie, they truly and openly are tyrants, "as advertised" - not like Trump, not like Putin, in his cloak of legitimacy in the rule of law and all the while absconded of it.

He cares about nothing outside of himself because he understands little, and appreciates even less. Glitter and glam is all he knows.

He is without history, without any sense of largesse nor generosity toward his fellow humans, not even in the midst of drowning in his own good fortune. He is a middle-school bully and the selfsame victim nonetheless.

An idiot, he is. A juvenile at best. Struggling:

Life is but an ideal - the unattainable, glorious past, the bought peace (by war, sacrifice, bloodshed and treasure of others), the deserved life (a shot of whiskey in the pool, ie) bland, mediocre and forever unbearably light of being, flavoured only by shake-n-bake.

No obligations. No nothing. No sense of responsibilities to your fellow-human beings. He rides the crest and races toward "the dying of the light".

Everything is a 'snapshot of life' (Nazi Germany before the fall, ideally, flavoured by the all-encompassing stench of death-camps at high tea).

How Hieronymus Bosch. -Insisting upon a medieval paradigm and all the while drawing from and thriving upon human suffering and degradation...

Spiritually-poor and intellectually-impoverished on his own. He is a parasite.

I die and fade away from his incessant suckling. And deep I sleep.


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