Friday, 11 August 2017

Woodworking Project: qajaq

A few years ago I was given a nice set of fine woodworking tools by someone very important to me when I made my first attempts at making model qajaqs. Recently I've been marshalling up upgrades to the basic kit and even made my own home-made table saw from a power saw so I can make long straight slats.

Here are a few pictures of a variation on the Ivujivik form that I've started on:

the gunwale and few crossbars.

completed top half of the qajaq.

first three ribs.

and rolling along...I'll post more pics of the above once completed.

I've also started on a 4 foot version. Hopefully, the bigger the version the finer the detail work. I'll try and make the bigger one without any glue and purely with lashing.