Saturday, 8 July 2017

The thing about...

...the Putin-Trump thingy is that it is purely an exercise in the ridiculous bordering on the absurd, a disjointed, perverted reality.

Never have I ever seen a "strongman" so obsequious to such a better as Trump has been to Putin. Pathetic. I bet you Trump couldn't sleep the night before his audience with Machia...I mean, Putin.

We can see in the official photos Putin grimacing at Trump, who's apparently creaming his knickers in anticipation of a good going through by his don.

Putin, such a powerful figure in his realm of influence. "in his realm of influence" being the key phrase here.

He may have meddled in the US elections that got Trump in the Oval Office. And has, so far, been able to sustain a grip on Trump and his administration. But little does he seem to realize that Trump does not, and can never, rule as he does.

The great institutions and bureaucracies of the United States of America are too mature and set to rid of so easily. They are truly the checks and balances of the immense power of the President. Already, the system has responded and a special counsel appointed to investigate the Russian hacking of the 2016 US elections. Many intel agencies and public safety departments have had their unblinking eyes seemingly since day one on the actors that apparently played their shameful roles in the immense assault on America's sovereignty and integrity.

Whether we may never "find out" what truly happened is now and long since beside the point, Mr. Tillerson. The shamelessness of Trump and the hubris of Putin cannot be countenanced for long; not by a system where many and diverse interests and conglomerations have one unifying idea: a market system that does much better under the guise of an open and democratic society than a totalitarian state. It will never let go easily.


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