Friday, 19 May 2017

Music, beautiful music

I think that our sense of music is so ingrained in us that we sometimes take it for granted. It permeates our every aspect of life. Even in its absence we constantly 'have' it in the background of our consciousness every once in a while coming up for air and becoming an earworm. There are some songs that I can 'hear' from beginning to end, some musical phrases that will repeat over and over again. It is unpredictable.

But I do apologize for my digression...

Music, beautiful music: it surely comes from divine inspiration.

I know a bit about music. I'm not a properly trained guitar player as I've mostly taught myself through reading and as a result 'bad' habits have crept in so I just call it a uniquely-my-own-style-of-music. You can go very far with only the pentatonic scale (to which the blues (and rock) is based). With the acquiring knowledge of more scales the more enhanced the listening to all styles of music becomes. With a deepening 'love' every time the appreciation of music arises and works to its peak. It hooks you. Every single time.

Music, beautiful music. Sometimes it is possible to break apart the individual components—that is, each individual musical instrument (all the while keeping the integrity of the whole). For me, it is mostly like that for all formalizable systems, though it is music that informs them all. It must be primordial to us human beings: the very first experience of interesting repeating patterns from the mother's lullaby and doting coos that builds up the acquisition of everything else after that.

Some songs are sad.

When I was a policy analyst I was very much interested in early childhood development as a statistical science and for the practical results both positive and negative to try and understand why some children continue to thrive while others suffer material and psychological impoverishment some throughout their whole lives (most dying young for want of prospects and access to essential resources, many by suicide, or (more politely) self-destructive behaviours).

But I want to say:

Music, beautiful music. |For me, you are my transcendence. My hope. I know that you'll never leave humankind (a G*d-like quality). Music by Vivaldi and Handel are some of my favourites from the Baroque period and I'm totally delighted by Glenn Gould's performances. But I 'discovered' Heavy Metal first; then, the blues before working my way up (or down) to the classics (I mean from the music I grew up with in the eighties to the old, the very old).

Music, beautiful music.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

why am i alone?

I've lived all of my life a stranger.

I'm tired of it. I don't understand. I want to love; I want to be loved.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

What the frig'...

I highly doubt that it's only my imagination.

The so-called 'conservatives', on the main, are cry-babies.