Sunday, 5 March 2017

-emic, -etic, and -itic(?)

In linguistics, we use the short-forms '-emic' and '-etic' to distinguish between surface (phon'-etic') and deep-level (phon'-emic') representations of analysis. Methinks, we should, in this era of Trump, recruit a new level of representation called, '-itic' (from pol'-itic'), that is a level even less informative than -etic.

"Alternative facts" as well as "outright lies" belong to this new level of representation. So do "fake news" and concerted, sustained campaigns of malicious misinformation for political advantage: eg. Putin and Trump traffic in only the pure -itic level of reality. Brietbart (sic) News is an -itic website.


Ps: -itic sounds suggestive of 'anal' in Inuktitut.

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