Monday, 27 March 2017


A 'beyak' is the root-nominal form of the verb, 'leitching'—a drip, drip, drip resulting of something cringe-worthy into something even more vacuous and more out of touch: a zero, more precisely—a 'zero' is, in Newtonian terms, a fluent where the fluxion comes closer and closer to zero, and, then suddenly, it disappears, and/or vice-versa.

In other words, a beyak is like a stalagmite of leitching over, at least, two board meetings' long. It just hangs hanging, awaiting the evisceration protocol, the end of all rites and individuality finally—and, consequently,—as it will happen—it rids of the dead-weight and calls it 'mercy'; it labels the other as 'the rest'—the 99.999% of us—and is, undoubtedly, the original source of the term, 'bling'—baby-talk for 'that-which-brings-all-things-bigly—LIKE yUGE'.


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