Sunday, 8 January 2017

bigly...not love but obsession

Hatred, bigotry and extremism are not love, anymore than narcissism is not love but something more primeval—ego. It is nothing less than "a reward" for faithfulness to a cause (cause to oneself, no less).

DJT has tapped into a whole world that he has not known but anything else—self-regard and the aftermath of that self-regard. Only now he is the victim of that obsession (apparent sleepless nights trying to justify himself for his actions and loyalties, and tapping away his little fingers all hours of the night). He walks a razor-thin line but with the whole world on his shoulders.

This is a whole different level than what he is used to. He admires Putin. But he is but an admirer and not the admiree. By all accounts Putin is rather dismissive of the guy.

He cannot, and never can, perceive this. This is the nature of power-obsession: to see reality as nothing more that what is in his control and purview: his whim, and, ironically, that which shrinks smaller and smaller as in direct proportion squared to the distance of his point of origin every time he opens his mouth. He does not understand that a single person cannot influence neither intimidate a whole culture without buy-in from others whom he has alienated at key points of the power structure he has achieved; he will lose...and lose mightily. He is a complainer and a dead weight besides.

I knew a guy. I fought tooth and nail against him on his policy positions. I promised that he would lose to history. It was not my ego that informed me but history. He is now a professor of a not-ivy-league university without having any notion of it but intuition (an inarticulate existential dissatisfaction), and still acts as if. In his mind he is still all that. He is at the dusk of his life—an old man, and dishearteningly angry all the time. He has a mother and father and followers to account for.

Who has time for that?

 No satisfaction there, I can tell you that. He had his 9mm pistol and implied bomb threats to the rest of us in the office (he's an "American") but he wouldn't leave the world without assurance of his "proper" legacy. His ego won't allow him to be a common mass murderer:

mass extinction has a way of influencing ego as nothing else would. One needs survivors to celebrate one's achievements. Who else would celebrate his greatness otherwise? In death there are no winners and losers, only ashes. And, nothing more after that. Death makes us all equal. Breathless, mindless and without documentation. We know not now whom was the greatest amongst the dinosaurs but size. Humans are but a middling in the scale of evolutionary scale. Elephants and whales will be greater than us, hands down.


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