Saturday, 31 December 2016

Two things I've figured out now

I was given this puzzle for Christmas by a close, endearing, friend.

I've solved this, I believed that, which was the first of many puzzles (when it actually was the last puzzle when I accidentally saw: the cube, in my head)...i hope this Upload worKs:

I promise, I solved this one when I was 'unaware'. and, yet, here it was: a solid cube.


This one took me 2 days to figure out (I swear, yet again, I cheated not):

I have at least fifty cards left that I want someone to challenge me on this blog, one card at a time: that I shall solve them by myself one by one.

...any takers?


Ps. I shall rid of the cards if someone keeps track.

Embrace another Fall by Robert Plant, lullaby and... the ceaseless roar

Oh I often think of you
 The hour before it rains
 Across the broken days
 That brought me home again

 You walked into my life
 Awoke my spirit soul
 You saved me from my deep
 Farewell my wanderer's home

 Oh! The life upon your lips
 Your heart could not foresee
 The tangle I became
 That brings me home again

 Embrace another fall
 My year is worn and cold
 To you I bare my soul
 My summer's almost gone

 Oh, so blue must turn to grey
 And out upon the shire
 All through the frost and rain
 I make my home

 Mi glydwais fod yr 'hedydd
 Wedi marw ar y mynydd;
 Pe gwyddwn i mai gwir y geiriau
 Awn a gyrr o wyr ac arfau
 I gyrchu corff yr 'hedydd adre

 (I heard that the Lark
 has died on the mountain;
 If I knew these words were true
 I would go with a group of men and arms
 to fetch teh Lark's body home)

Friday, 30 December 2016

I "put the idiot in savant"

One of my oldest, closest friends, whom I haven't seen in a couple of years, is fond of saying that I put the idiot in savant. See, I've spent all of my conscious life at the periphery of my humanity—'my humanity' in a sense that it is a mystery to me and am leery of it, although not in a negative way because I'm constantly observing and formulating commentaries on it.

I can see analogies of this phenomenon throughout my life. For example, I'm very much fond of mathematics. I mean, I really do find calm and solace in 'reading' mathematical equations and imagery. I can come to understand quite readily the grammar, but, for the life of me, I wouldn't be able do the arithmetic without great effort and vigilance, and only then with a calculator.

I seem to be able to 'see' what others cannot without it being pointed out to them. Abstract structures are my playthings. I'm good at formulating general statements from particular facts because I've now spent many years working at that as a linguist and as a policy analyst. But the human world is largely invisible to me, and I seem to have no intuition for it.

I know this handicap because I have had many negative experiences as a result of my apparent social blindness. My love for my children (including my bud) and grandchildren is natural to me, and I consider it a beautiful blessing and grace from my G*d; it's just that this easy humanity is not extended deeply into other relations in my life for whom I'm often a source of the good as well as the negative. I live alone and have lived alone for many years now. I'm not a bad person; I'm just "impossible".

But I've also achieved what seems to me the improbable: love and respect from my fellow human beings. -for being who I am, no less!


Wednesday, 28 December 2016

you know..?

you know, i's just talking to myself, and i heard judas priest.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sylvarum liber

my love,

the absence of your heartbeat is my own death.

but through your eyes and exquisitely acute discernment I see the glory of G*d, and what glory but like a completion of an equation of the first order: we hear music, we love, we see divine visions.

the mystic and the natural philosopher entwine; something blue, something new, something measured, something binding in time.

-now, can ye tell me: is the equation profane or divine?


Monday, 19 December 2016


to my American friends,

the coal in your christmas stocking means nothing but a gentle admonishment; you are still our inspiration, our claim to the real. our shining city on the hill

not only the truth shall prevail, but because it be the rallying cry to that what shall be.

vive l'humanite libre!


Friday, 16 December 2016

sorry about my last outburst...

it be but a b'int weren't fer the dent.

the tooth be long a'times but no longer than the BRANT.