Friday, 4 November 2016

The "outsider"

In this US presidential campaign, we've seen the Donald bare all his glory. What a freak (hold on, I don't mean 'freak' in its normal sense, but in the sense of "a very unusual and unexpected event or situation").

Apparently, the Donald—I assume this appellation is a German version of 'the don'—doesn't read nor write all that much. I read on Huffington Post himself admitting that he doesn't even type out his own countless tweets but shouts out his vitriol to one of the 'girls' in his office (even at 3am) to be posted. Wow.

He reminds me of Derek Zoolander, only darker and malignant—ie, not funny at all. Zoolander is a movie character played by Ben Stiller, a character who is almost completely, hopelessly self-absorbed, living as he does as a big fish in a very small pond of male modelling.

I said 'almost completely, hopelessly self-absorbed' because at one point in the movie Stiller's character actually tries to make a difference by proposing to build a school, a "school for those who can't read good and want to do other stuff good too". But he gets mightily upset that the school he envisions is too small to even fit a person in (it's an architectural model).

There is something endearing and lovable about Derek Zoolander; there is nothing warm about Donald Trump, not even his apparent cluelessness—excuse me: his "outsider" status. He is all out there in his apparent authenticity: sophomoric, mean and ignorant.

He is like Stephen Harper, only more real in the still-birth of his humanity—remember well Harper, after making a formal apology for the aboriginal residential school experience, came out of the green chamber and said that (thank God) Canada doesn't have a history of colonialism.

I only hope that, like Harper, he'll lose interest in politics (ie, go back to the rarified air of the board room) once he loses. He's used to losing, only he calls it "winning".


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