Saturday, 12 July 2014

Luke 18:10-13

Yesterday I read a very interesting interview by Matt Sledge on Huffington Post with author Max Blumenthal on the current Israeli-Palestinian crisis ( Blumenthal has been labelled an "Israel-basher" but I think he has some important things to say about the social engineering efforts of the extreme right whose strand may be traced back to the rise of the so-called, New Christian Right movement, which emerged in the 1970s in America and Australia (google: Televangelism as Pedagogy and Cultural Politics, written by Peter McLaren and Richard Smith).

It is not hard to see why this movement has been such an insidious and aggressive movement by the list of well-funded Superpacs: The Moral Majority, Christian Voice, Religious Roundtable and the Institute of Religion and Democracy (in America); The Festival of Light, The League of Rights, The Queensland National Party, STOP and CARE (in Australia) (McLaren and Smith, p. 153), and in Canada, to a lesser degree, off-shoots of these movements that have taken root especially in the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan that Harper has been able to exploit to achieve a majority government.

The ultimate aim of these funding agencies is to bring about the "new" Jerusalem culminating (up to this point) in the re-election of Netanyahu ("...with Netanyahu determined to reverse the damage that had been done to him and shatter the unity agreement."):

I noticed in 2009 that Israel had undergone a massive societal transition, and that new voices were moving into the mainstream from the extreme right. That the peace process had completely collapsed and failed to accomplish what it supposedly set out to do, and that the most right-wing government in Israel's history had been elected by a comprehensively indoctrinated and militarized public, whose youngest members were its most extreme, and that this was going to spell serious trouble on the ground. 
They're the direct result of an education system that promotes militarization, that seeks to delegitimize the other in the minds of Israelis, and to cultivate Israelis as good soldiers, not good citizens.
To help them accomplish the psychological feat, which is not normal, of joining an occupation army at age 18, they have to be processed through a prolonged program of indoctrination which convinces them that they are in existential peril at all times, and that Palestinians could throw them off their land if they don't join the army.
(Abu Khdeir's killers) are a common product of Israel's education system and its comprehensively militarized culture. (Blumenthal interview on Huffington Post)

As a Judeophile I see the ruthlessness of Netanyahu and the largely invisible Christian Right as pure hubris, as sinful arrogance assuming the role of a mid-wife, not because of some great and external evil but because of the misguided belief that this is what G*d wants. Armageddon and the rising internecine strife benefit who? It is the multi-billion dollar funding complex that preys on and perverts the core belief systems of the invalids, the misfits, the angry, the mean, the greedy, the mentally- and ideologically- seiged, etc. spoken of in Depeche Mode's song, "Personal Jesus".


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