Sunday, 26 January 2014

Canada's Rube Goldberg

If you google "Rube Goldberg" it'll call up something delightful. Whoever started this tradition and when (there is a British version in W Heath Robinson and even a Danish version, Storm P), it is a hilarious jab at human beings' fascination with machines. These aren't just machines but overly complicated contraptions designed to do something simple like (Robinson's) wart chair - "A simple apparatus for removing a wart from the top of the head".

Harper's government may likewise be presented. It is a costly, overtly complex machine intended for only one thing: to put Harper in the Langevin Block.

The most merciful thing about Rube Goldberg machines is that (when they actually work) they only work the one time, much like muskets. It should also be abundantly clear (and if it is not abundantly clear to the conservatives of Canada, they deserve the wilderness) that Harper has never intended the Conservative Party of Canada to be a real and viable political movement without him at the helm.

The "Harper Government", indeed.


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