Monday, 30 December 2013

Ancient Aliens

I love watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. The producers and the regular commentators featured in the show can and do connect everything with the "ancient astronaut theory" - nazis, 2012, medical knowledge of the ancients, Einstein, the mummy found in the Alps, etc. etc. - everything under the sun, really, and do it with all earnestness and straight-face. Irregardless that the world didn't end on December 21, 2012 as they claimed it would, they just soldier on like real troopers connecting gaudiness with historical facts. - what do you do for a living?; oh, I dabble in this and that...

Some of the commentators like peppering their statements with scientific-sounding words like "vortex", "inter-dimensional", "inter-dimensional vortices", "stars", "star-gates", "inter-dimensional star-gates". There was a commercial campaign recently featuring a travel-booking app that claimed once the data is entered an "auto-magical" process whirls and dings, and out comes an answer. Yeah, right...

I found this website recently that sort of deflated my enthusiasm for Ancient Aliens:

Killjoys. Buzzkills. Now I can't enjoy replying "yes" to the narrations of Ancient Aliens which consist of almost purely rhetorical, leading questions without feeling a bit cruel. Like Harper's cpc, the Ford nation, creationists, we shouldn't let real and hard-won conventional wisdom and science get in the way of self-indulgent fantasies and lies if it allows us to shirk rationality and responsibilities to self and good society.


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