Sunday, 7 October 2012

Some good news I wanted to share

After, what seems to me, many years of wandering in a wilderness I finally got regular employment again with the Government of Nunavut as a terminologist (focussing on media and private sector). I want to thank the people who provided me with subcontracting work, Innirvik: they're good people to work with and very professional. And I'd like to thank the people who provided me with references for my new job. I won't mention their names but I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I'm excited about my new job. It's in a field I love, language and technical analysis; and, it has almost nothing to do with controversial politics which was largely my downfall in the last field I worked in as a policy analyst. I work with a great bunch of people and I like working with them all. I'm still having to figure out the administrative stuff - such as filling out forms to pay the subcommittee members for the section I'm working in to come up with new or standardizing terms, and figuring how to navigate my way through the bureaucracy.

But I love the new challenges of actually analysing Inuktitut terms, coming up with technical solutions of doing the job, and translating the processes into practicalities of working with Inuit elders and other bureaucrats to come up with the best possible solutions to promote and 'modernize' our language. I'm brimming with ideas but I have to keep my enthusiasm in check so as not to go over the people and process that are so key to making a success of the important work.

I've also discovered a new thing. My need for politics and political comment is satisfied in a safe way by a website: where I can interact with political junkies like myself. There I'm learning the art of tolerance and expressing ideas and allowing them to speak for themselves in a marketplace of other peoples ideas and feelings.

I think I'm really learning how to be human; my maturity has long been coming, almost overdue. Finally working with other people also seems to be helping me in my homelife where my sense of partnership is becoming enhanced by the vagaries of work-a-day life. My home is my sanctuary. I hope my aippakuluk will see the differences I'm beginning to feel inside of me.


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