Thursday, 11 October 2012

A crisis of semiosis (part ii)

A crisis of semiosis is a devastating tool in the process of colonialization and assimilationist policy toolbox. Semiosis is the ability to make meaning of the world and the cultural archetypes that make up the fully functioning individual. Taking it away is the first thing the colonializing power does in every instance where it has occurred.

In Franz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth, we see that it is not only applied to the indigenous population but also to the policing and coercive agencies of the colonializing state - wreaking havoc upon both the occupying class and the indigenous population alike.

The crisis of semiosis has been longtime coming to Nunavut. Inuit are not only losing their language but also the foundational archetypes that provide the moral frameworks so necessary for a functioning and viable society. The problem is insideous and getting more so everyday as seen in the growing blatancy in violence.

The crisis of semiosis is something that needs to be explored in not only government but those who work in cross-cultural environments such as teachers and the clergy.


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