Monday, 16 July 2012

Right-wing fruitcakes(?)

There is a promo for a CBC Newsworld daily show that goes (paraphrasing):

"I'm a one-share one-vote guy"

"Except in China"

"I love communism if it can make a buck for me"

"You love communism, except when you don't..."

-This, to me, is indicative of the culture of right-wing nuttery. The inauthentic, disingenuous, uneducated drivel that comes out of their mouths... it says to me: I'm vulgar, parasitic, bitchy ignoramus, and completely egotistical.

The one-share, one-vote guy is fond of saying that he's already put in his fifteen seconds of boo-hooing for Greece, for Italy, Spain... (choose your country currently suffering financially). He likes wearing his ignorance on the outside. Whether it's the tea-party people, Bush jr., Romney, the CPC in Canada, del Mastro, Kenney, etc. they practically invite derision with their mean-spirited belligerence but cannot seem to take their own medicine.

del Mastro was crying like a little girl that his family's name was being dragged in the mud with his questionable spending in 2008 federal elections and wanted stop to the probe by Elections Canada; that whacked-out Kenney posted his own petition to thank him for doing a "great job" as a minister of immigration in his website - still seeking undeserved assurance like the coddled little man that he is. Sheesh!

Today I read something by Tom Flanagan on the Globe&Mail website: that reminded me of that one-share, one-vote guy. Classic right-wing whining. Need anyone reminding, it was Harper who tried to sue Elections Canada to allow third-party advertising (disregarding for the moment the questionable financing arrangements with big corporations on the sly), but here we have that American right-wing mouth-piece boo-hooing about his suspicions that the unions might be spending money to advertise the wacky policy platforms of extreme right parties. If he were genuinely hawkish (except when he's not) and proud of it, he should be happy that his brand of politics is getting free air-time.

Romney is being creamed by Obama's negative attack ads; since his don't seem to be working out the way he wanted and expected them to, he has the gall to ask Obama to apologize. Mitty don't..? wsmta? - wassamata? What's-the-matter?


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