Saturday, 21 July 2012

Great Googly Moogly

What is it about extreme neo-conservatism - Harper's "Cabinet" and the social conservative faction therein; Rush Limbaugh; Rob Ford; Michelle Bachman; etc. - that make them seem to naturally go hand-in-hand with mental retardation?

With the Harper mythology, his actions seem to suggest that he is slightly neuroatypical - ie, intellectually "special" - that afford/entitle him exceptions from social norms and decorum that normally go with such offices as the one he holds. There is that weirdness: shaking hands with his children as he saw them off to school rather than hugging them; locking himself in the bathroom during a state function in Brazil when he tiffed with the President over issues of protocol; speaking English to the Forum mondial de la langue franรงaise (rather than expose his deficient French, one may suppose).

The thing about neuroatypicals (ie, those who have Asperger's syndrome) is that a high percentage of them are of above-average intelligence, are usually artistically/musically/mechanically inclined (probably to hide their need for stereo-typical behaviours which often include verbal tics and pedantry), have enhanced aesthetic sensitivity, and tend to have a hightened sense of fairness and social justice along with social ackwardness, and strong avoidance mechanicisms of direct eye contact. They are forever acutely aware of their social ackwardness and ever trying to make amends and atonement for that perceived short-coming.

From Harper's campaign footage one sees the man play piano and think: Tony Orlando and Dawn rather than Bach. But it's everything else about his supposed "specialness" that is also obviously fake. There is something kind of off about his government to be sure: spoiled brats, idiots and socio-paths who clearly care very little for responsibility, and whose tenures are marked with ineptitude, meanness and constant grudging back-tracking for outragous, irresponsible comments and actions (which ironically is supposedly "no apologies, no explanations" - yeah, right - they can't even get that right).

Rush Limbaugh is the skinner version of Rob Ford (though not by much). Feminazis, hug-a-thug, or some strange compounding of words are obvious attempts at "putting lipstick on the pig" but their moronic demeanors and contempt for normalcy is indelible. They'd rather double down on social darwinism when things go awry rather than admit that their perversed vision of society may be the cause or at least a huge part of the problem.

Michelle Bachman must have taken one too many HPV vaccines because she clearly is mentally retarded. She is so personally hateful of Obama and Clinton that she recently co-signed a public missive with three other tea-party wingnuts calling for a congressional investigation of one of Clinton's aides, accusing her of links to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt though many highly visible and respected Americans had to come to her defence (and rightly so).

But it's not just the political realm that is infected by this deficiency in humanity; the world financial stewardship is also peopled with these apparently new but degenerate sub-species of human beings.

To paraphrase the great Frank Zappa:

Great Googly Moogly, stop rubbing that yellow snow into your beady little eyes.


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