Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Gated communities of the mind

It is said of Breivik (that Amish-looking mass murderer from Norway) that when the investigators looked into his internet habits found that he frequented mostly extreme right wing sites and listservs - a community deliberately closed off from the rest of the world lest it be tainted by the sanity and reasonable arguments. In that world where counter-arguments and counter-demonstrations to ideological dogma are seen as "evil" machinations of the devil himself, he fed himself on mental pablum of racism, bigotry and 18-19th century parochialism (that age at the start of the industrial age where the last time "civilized" man truly felt optimistic and deservedly fluffed with hot air).

The internet world that Breivik discovered had the certainty and selfishness that he, in his life of disappointment and social ineptitude, craved so because it indulges those juvenile traits - no questions asked. That world not only indulges but reinforces and affirms 18-19th century insanity of manifest destiny right here in our contemporary world.

This is the world that Harper and his fascism occupies. That manifest destiny is a debunked justification for a mass extinction event and global genocide is beside the point, its sanction for masterbatory self-fawning is the only thing: Canada is an energy superpower; conservative values are Canadian values; we have a majority mandate to reform Canada in our own image, etc.

It makes one wonder what the hell is Harper compensating for?

In that gated community of the mind, it makes perfect sense to personalize perceived hurts and slights; damn, we can flaunt our willful, carefully cultivated ignorance and meanness: Who appointed that kidnapped diplomat? - let him rot in hell; Khadr? - let him rot in hell; Attawapiskat? - put them under third-party management; Quebec and Newfoundland? - what use are they to Canada anyhow - let them eat cake; lets put a firewall around Alberta...

These flawed and selfish ideas and thoughts aren't even their own. They're in the by-laws of the gated community of the mind. But when were these mental midgets ever even their own persons?

Contrast the anonymity of the CPC with the likes of John Crosby and that manly Deb Gray. Crosby manned-up and leapt into the fray when he had to shut down the fisheries in Newfoundland (he knew that the cod had to survive as a species; he felt it in his heart); I don't think there was anything inauthentic about Gray (truly, she was the man of the house). I do not agree with their politics but I have a lot of respect for them, those old war horses. The last of their kind, really.

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