Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dorks in wolf's clothing

There are a couple of commercials that make me go: really?

One is a beer commercial that likes talking about its undeniably constructed "past"; the other is a mayonnaise commercial that "will not tone it down". They leave me completely incredulous. I'm the same way with Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay.

This is Stephen Harper (on the right) and Dino Zincone (who won against Harper's Richview Collegiate) in the Reach for the Top in 1978:

I found it in the Toronto Sun (April 16, 2011) in a piece by Steve Buffery (http://www.torontosun.com/news/decision2011/2011/04/16/18015806.html). He wrote:

Against the future PM and his team, Dino managed 28 correct answers, for 270 points, as Massey won the game, 445-160. Dino scored 110 more points than the entire Richview foursome.
Harper got nine questions right, for 80 points.

The very next line makes me think that Harper's family connections bought for him his education and all the advantages (then and since) that spoiled, entitled brats are given purchase:

Indeed, the future PM was no slouch in the brains department, graduating in 1978 with an impressive 94.7% mark.

Dino, however, graduated from Vincent Massey with the highest score ever recorded in Ontario up until that time -- an amazing 99.7%

That's 5 percentage points from the very best after performing so mediocre in Reach for the Top! Apparently, some of the answers Harper gave in that show caused the audience to laugh and snicker the way some do now when he speaks French. Money can only go so far. It hasn't bought him manners and empathy for normal people.

I remember in the last federal election in the heat of the moment he accepted a challenge from Iggy for a one-on-one debate then a couple of days later back-tracked from. I guess his handlers were aghast by the prospect of another Reach for the Top performance.

And, he likes being portrayed as somewhat of a history buff: yeah, right! Remember after his official "apology" for the residential school experience for aboriginal children going back a hundred years - he (innocently perhaps) thanked God that Canada has never been a imperialist colonial power (most likely a personal stab at Obama and the US); then there was his vitriolic contempt for the NDP's reluctance during the allies' build-up against Hitler when the NDP didn't even exist during WWII.

The official records and ivy league degrees may look impressive but real talent and capability cannot be bought and sold like indulgences. Propaganda and historical revisionism do not stand up to scrutiny either. In commercials, geeks and dorks may be sold as something other than what they are but in the real world history is never kind to disingenuous authors of questionable politics.


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