Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The irrepressible decency of John McKay

As a political junkie, I enjoy tremendously watching the debates between party members on CBC's Power&Politics, especially when John McKay - the Liberal MP from Scarborough-Guildwood - comes on. He has the type of laugh and good humour that provides a much-needed reality check to the often billigerent, glib partisanship on both the NDP and Con sides.

John Mckay reminds me of the decency and humanity I saw and experienced in one of my uncles when I was growing up - someone not easily taken in by baiting and cruelty of lesser men he often had to deal with because he was so decent and unassuming. Far from being "slow" - which his easy-going demeanor was often mistaken for - he was an old soul and totally comfortable with who he was. He'd giggle with those making fun of him which, to me, showed his understated greatness (salt of the Earth) and the thoughtless windbags his tormentors really were. He never had an unkind word to say, nor did I ever see him stressed out about being put down. He was his father's son: serious and completely trust-worthy with stuff that really count for something.

Genuine laughter is the only way to deal with the siege-mentality that Harper and his ilk have brought into the political discourse of Canada. War? Revolution? What war? What revolution? Someone like McKay, like my uncle, has no enemies to stress out over, only the family that is Canada matters; at the end of the day, he has only himself to answer to and the man in the mirror is someone he has no issues with.

Always keep it real, McKay. You are a rare bird.


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