Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In support of Allan Harding MacKay

I was just watching CBC's Power&Politics show where I witnessed something that impacted me profoundly. During an interview with the show's host, Evan Solomon, a war artist, Allan Harding MacKay who has been on two assignments with Department of National Defence - Somalia and Afghanistan - to document the work of the Canadian Armed Forces in the war zones just destroyed one of his works in protest of the abuse of power by the Harper government (he said he'd destroy four in all).

He mentioned three specific examples for this act of protest: the way the Canadian war veterans are being treated by the Harper regime; pitting Aboriginal rights and environmental integrity against economic interests of the oil companies and big business; and the peeling away of the Parliamentary process (limiting HofC debates and increasing in-camera sessions of parliamentary committees). But he also spoke of the way labour has been demonized in favour of big business.

I think that what this world famous artist did was extreme, and I wept silent tears as he mercifully rent the canvas but I totally admire him for his courage to make such a public statement as a proud and thoughtful Canadian. He was visibly shaking and shaken for destroying his work. What he showed in the raw is what has been happening with Harper and his minions dismantling and destroying our liberal democratic traditions and structures since gaining a majority government.

I salute you, Allan Harding MacKay.


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  1. I have emailed Mr. MacKay to support his action and to thank him for making this sacrifice. Is the government listening? I hope our fellow Canadians are. Thanks, Jay. You speak for me too.