Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dooms day scenarios and Big Oil

I was watching Aftermath on the History Channel, an episode that examines what would happen if there was a catastrophic disruption of oil production in the world. I think such shows are mental pablum normally. But it said somethings that got me thinking.

The US has oil reserves and would be able to deal with the shortages for emergency and essential services for a few months, but Canada has no such reserves. Brazil's auto industry is decades ahead of North America in terms of diversification of fuel/energy alternatives; a large percentage of cars and trucks down there can run on ethanol which they produce from sugar cane.

I highly doubt the oil industry here would countenance such "threats" to its revenue source: green energy is artificially kept in the stone-age through government policies and incentives which the oil lobby ensures its status quo through questionable funding arrangements for those willing to work for them. In fact, I'd find it dubious if the the public interests of Canadians was foremost on its mind. R&D for green energy is almost illegal here.

The recent moves by the Harper government to disassemble the environmetal safeguards through amendments and repeal of significant legislation/regulations into the budget implementation bill puts all of Canada into an even more precarious position and more dependent on the petro-dollar. The world economic situation is not only an economic threat but will have affects in almost all aspects of our lives; that much dependent we've become with nary a peep from Canadians. In fact, environmental groups are demonized by the federal government and most often portrayed as wishy-washy socialist hippy movements. This is totally asinine.

Where is Canada's sense of self-sufficiency? Even a developing country like Brazil knows it cannot, must not rely on one single source of energy/income, so its policies and infrastructure in many respects are further ahead of an "energy superpower" such as Canada - as Stephan Poutine (oops) Harper likes to say. Real sovereignty and long-term national vision for Canada seems not to matter much to Mr Poutine (oops) Harper. Excuse; I seem to be developing Tourettes.


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