Thursday, 17 November 2011

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

The NDP MP for Winnipeg, Pat Martin, tweeted yesterday about the disdainful act of the Harper government shutting down debate yet again on their budget, using colourful words to show his frustration with Harperism: prorogation to forego democratic process in the interest of asserting arbitrary power, this with a majority in the House.

Going by the comments from readers in the Globe and Mail website, I'd say that Mr. Martin is not the only one who's frustrated with the demise of due process in the exercise of our "democratic" institutions. Almost all of the feedback emphatically empathizes with Martin's frustration.

The neo-cons are trying to paint Pat Martin as an aberration. Though, I'm somewhat dismayed by how far the political discourse has degenerated during Harper's watch, I completely understand where Pat Martin is coming from. He is standing up not only for Winnipeg but for all our rights which are not only theoretical ideals but require vigilance and on-going engagement from all of us to stay real.

Kudos to Pat Martin.


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