Monday, 21 November 2011

The Inscrutable Stephen Harper?

I just read a piece in The Globe & Mail by Gerald Caplan entitled, Inscrutable Stephen Harper Baffles the Pundits. Here is the link:

where it talks about the many baffling, perplexing facts of Harper's tenure and his style of party leadership: fixing things that need no fixing; ignoring issues of importance; snubbing any and all "democratic" processes and accepted conventional wisdom.

I think his agenda is simple: to distract and divert attention from environmental, energy and other national/international policies/treaties that need public discussion in order to keep the policy environment at the federal level amenable to corporate interests. To wit: he has slowly distanced himself and the Government of Canada from international bodies like the UN, the Kyoto Protocol, the Rotterdam Convention, etc. Why?

There was a piece recently on CBC National about the Canadian mining companies in the third world countries where human rights are regularly violated and violent government crackdowns on any opposition to their interests are allowed to happen without any threat of legal action here in Canada. There is also growing criticisms by international and US policing agencies that Canada doesn't investigate let alone prosecute "white collar" crimes in Canada and allegations of corruption of other countries' laws.

The militarization of Canada's foreign policies, some expert warned recently, will only bring grief to Canada, which has always and up-to-now, had peace-making and diplomatic resolution to international crises as its philosophical directive. This militarization opens Canada to threats that never existed before. If Canada continues down this path I'm afraid "the threat of 'Islamicism'" is a self-fulfilling prophesy that only private security companies and the military-industrial complex (which our energy sector belongs) can benefit from.


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