Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Canadian values are right-wing values?

Whenever I read the news and editorials online (be it a national newspaper or Nunatsiaq News) I sometimes look into the readers' comments section at the end of the piece I find interesting. Some of the comments I read are insightful, thoughtful and informative, but a lot of it is just plain vitriolic, racist and completely ignorant of historical facts, political and economic discourse, and literary decorum in general.

A lot of it is anonymous but revealing of violent mindless hatred, hypocrisy and begrudged tolerance of fellow Canadians who are not of WASP persuasion - the kind that Breivik fed on and was birthed from. I dispair for the fragility that which is sane, reasonable and tolerant world I've spent my life reading about and striving to actualize in my surround.

The mean and petty men who openly favour one region over another in this great country of our's arose from the biased, selective, revisionist educational process that has defined our recent experience - whether it be the ersatz system that is aboriginal education to the public and private institutions of learning which seem more interested in keeping up appearances and window-dressing than substance, effort and efficacy. The germ of corporatism roots deep into our public life it seems where institutions of learning dispense accreditations and rewards like brand-name consumer goods.

The Prime Minister crooned innocently to his public that Canada is unique in that it has no history of colonialism and imperialist ambitions (during or shortly after apologizing for the residential schools that were intent on destroying aboriginal groups). A leader who see's nothing wrong in being ignorant of historical facts should be as dismaying as what we see as recent US political discourse.

It seems to have never occurred to Harper that Canada was once part of the British Empire, and unlike the USA, Canada never severed its political ties to the English Crown. His legal and constitutional counsel seems very adept at skirting around the legal frameworks of power but seem to not know why the balances and counter-balances were put there in the first place: to safe-guard, not hijack, the political process of responsible government.

Canadian values are conservative values? The Canada I believe in is not conservative America.


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