Friday, 15 July 2011

Let me clarify...

I've been questioning myself whether I went too far in my last entry likening Harper with Loughner.

Let me clarify: I have nothing personal against our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. I don't know him from Adam. Although I have nothing against Harper personally I do have issues with his ideology and would be just as dismayed even if he were someone else of his ideological kith and kin. The thing about his ideology is that same type of mindset and wilfull ignorance and hubris I see in the worst of what now passes as American conservativism: the siege-mentality; the world and hippies (or them who are not us) are out to destroy Western civilization; we are not our brother's keeper, etc.

The worst of it is that the "reformist conservatives" say that it's not business as usual in Ottawa and yet when criticisms are fielded against them they are quick to suggest that the Liberals did this or that same thing they're being accused of doing. I mean, what good does that for anyone? The Liberals may have done this or that so it makes it ok for them to do it? I don't see the logic in it, especially from one who takes pains to distinguish himself from those he's wanted to supplant for so long. I want leadership that won't jump off the cliff because others have done it. That is not leadership. That is bald partisan politics: I jump with better grace, they say. But it's still jumping off the cliff.

The Champlain Bridge may fall; who would be caught sleeping at the wheel?

We who believe in secular humanism expect more from our elected officials. Canada is for all Canadians, not just conservative Canadians.


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