Sunday, 15 May 2011

I need a job

I need a job.

I'm an excellent translator with some formal training in linguistics; I'm also a natural analyst with a keen mind. I'm fully bilingual in written and spoken Inuktitut and English with a deep understanding of and empathy for both cultural sensibilities and can act as a bridge.

I'm a quick study and willing and able to learn almost anything I set my mind to. I'm mostly self-educated and insightful and very well-read (both technical and literary). I can also organize and present complex ideas with a certain degree of succinctness and lucidity.

I have some experience in instructing adult students and advising academics. With some training I know I can be an excellent teacher has I have the basics of a wide range of subjects.

I don't drink or take drugs and I want to keep it that way. I can be a great contributor to any organization and work within deadlines and budgets, and take pride in my work and am conscientious.

-curriculum vitae available upon request.


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