Thursday, 7 April 2011

the "sila" hypothesis and Kantian dualism

The great Kant, a mind of such subtlety and discernment, a pinnacle of applying reason and feeling to problems of epistemology and ontology to their logical ends. But nonetheless he ultimately failed in bridging the apparent schism between the worlds of idea and of the material. He resolved one fundamental issue at the cost of accepting the separation of knowledge of being and scientific knowledge.

His notion of space and time being the primitive basis of human cognition was right on with the IQ notions of "silarjuaq" where our material bodies are formed, grow old and die (disregarding for the time being the IQ belief in reincarnation). According to IQ, "silarjuaq" (or, the universe) is "reflected" in "silatuniq" (or, wisdom) or "silaituuniq" (or, state of impituous, uninformed mind) of each and every person (ie, by the contents and grasp of the relevant issues/factors in the human mind).

Now, this is where an extremely intricate labyrinthine mine-field is exposed: From where (and how) does human cognition arise? -Kant assumes that human cognition and perception occur in an unvoiced Platonic realm of idea without explaining how and in what forms it actually interacts with the material world. -As I said in the last entry, human perception and cognition may naturally arise out of the quantum theory and mechanics of the chemical and electronic interaction between complexly coherent beings (ie, us) and the larger, external reality (which is awashed in and governed by quantum and relativistic principles of interaction).

The uniquely human cognitive reality actually has the ability to refine our modelling and make predictions about the structural aspects of reality around us with the assistance of technology and theoretical understandings. But, at the end, the photonic, phononic, biochemical quantum interactions are "captured" and "processed" by a being structured and created within that self-same quantum-based reality. However and whatever we create and recreate our understanding/anticipation of the significance of these inputs and overall trends in our interface (in poetic terms, scientific terms, etc.) is a logical necessity and virtue of being that complexly coherent being (ie, us) that is created in and consequently develops in and interacts with a physical (and, that which follows, culturally informed) "objective" reality.

Our particularly human cognition is a by-product of a quantum-initiated physical process. but which by happenstance, one that has the capacity to grasp and understand the elemental principles of these quantum-based, and derivable events, big and small, and with the capacity to reflect and contemplate order upon these disparate complexes of facts and issues. But the initiation of the interaction cycle "builds in" within the process response and act upon imperatives of being, conscious or not is immaterial (excuse the pun). But in order to respond coherently to the interaction itself necessitates upon the being cognition and memory-learning (awareness) to inform and guide such a response.


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