Sunday, 17 April 2011


After a day exploring Iqaluit as a man, a wolf named Wolfy said to himself: I wouldn't want to be "man's best friend".

There is a story I heard not once but many times about how a mother would cut the end off of a pork to roast the thing. Apparently her children followed the practice though never having asked why the mother did that. After many months of Sundays, the Chinese, who were Communist and starving, became jealous and wanted not only the food but also America's toilet technology which had just been introduced to South Korea.

Truth, to Stephen Harper and to all fascists, is a brand-name to profit from. Since he got into the Canadian parliament, he's had a hand in triggering all of the federal elections. He says Canadians are tired of these things, so he'll get Bruce Carson to burn the Parliament. It'll take about $250,000 to study the problem, which he'll take out of Aboriginal Peoples' Programs, and prove once again that the APP thing is a voracious blackhole. Since all of the APP pot is slated for these types of studies anyhow, every wasteful federal spending will now be called, Aboriginal Peoples' Programs.

Harper believes in the theory of beer-lens: he surrounds himself with ugly girly-men on PMS and cute little mensches so he can look good and manly. Almost all of Aglukak's junk mail has her picture with Harper's godly presence by her side; in almost every scrum I see Baird barking; every conservative MP precedes their statements by saying, "Stephen Harper..."

Stephen Harper wants to be "your best friend". Guess which of you is the man.

Stephen Harper doesn't want Aboriginal Peoples of Canada to have access to America's toilet technology. But who cares; there is no clean running water in any of the reserves to run the toilets anyhow.


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