Thursday, 3 March 2011

the logical consequences of "social darwinism"

I used to write my thoughts in an email distributionlist a few years ago where I wrote along similar lines as this blog. I don't remember now what topic we were discussing at the time but I remember one person who suggested that I read Ayn Rand, which I did.

After reading Rand he asked me what I thought of her. I told him honestly that I thought her "philosophical musings" would have been impressive had they been written by a precocious twelve-year-old, but they weren't written by a twelve-year-old. Right-wing ideologues tend to have that flavour, what's the word: sophomoric.

They are sophomoric and selective as to history (in fact, they rewrite their own version of history which celebrate and emphasize their "heroic" lineage while making everything and everyone else "gross"), to the human/social consequences of their flawed thinking (Rumsfeld was quoted recently that Iraq was "a public relations error"!!), have this delusional and disproportionate sense of entitlement (they wear their vulgarity and venality like Tammy Baker wears her make-up) and they show utter cynical disdain for society and its necessary conventions (and human decency) as the developing story of Harper's rise to power also shows.

But their greatest contradiction is that they think culture and civilization go hand-in-hand with social darwinism. They do not see that utter breakdown of society, like Somalia,Yugoslavia and the reactionary world of recent memory, is the natural setting and consequence of the "survival of the fittest" or strongest mentality. There is nothing civilized about that. Somehow I can't see Dubbiya or Stephen Harper lasting very long in their natural (real) philosophical setting without money and civil society (human decency they disdain so) to buffer them.

The surge seems to be shifting. The unrest, I hope to God, is the birthing pains of the "common human" that only the internet and social networking can promise and give hope for. Chaos theoretic and governing principles of dynamical systems are, by their nature, unpredictable. But one can hope that the new level of global consciousness will finally bring emancipation from Weber's "iron cage" and take us out of the "polar night of icy darkness".


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