Tuesday, 22 February 2011

what of that double-digit lead?

Being a news junkie, I've been hearing quite a bit about Harper's recent double-digit lead over the opposition parties. This shouldn't be too concerning for us "bleeding heart liberals" because when the numbers are broken down by region most of the build-up is in the west where rightwing politics prevail. I bet in the other regions of Canada the prospect of a majority conservative government is as attractive as having Iggy for a PM.

I also heard from the "at issue" panel on the CBC's National News that these numbers are becoming less and less reliable as telephone land lines with which the pollsters like Angus-Reid do their business become fewer and fewer to the point where the numbers harvested can become spread so thin as to become meaningless.

Makes sense, especially in light of the Oda affair and the growing sense of dismay of parlaimentarians over Harper's tendency to micro-manage information coming out of his government and cite cabinet confidence and prorogations often enough times to make reasonable and open debate in the House suspect. Then, there is that case of the missing Integrity Commissioner and the trial-balloons in Quebec over public-funding of sports arenas that fell like lead...

Any reasonable and thoughtful observer of Canadian politics would wonder about the recent poll figures.


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