Thursday, 24 February 2011

our "brothers in spirit"

The uprisings and political unrest in the Arab world of North Africa and the Middle East have taken a hold on me and my imagination similiar to but more so as what Gorbachev did for the Eastern Block.

Now, I'm not wedded to any one form of government (whether it be Western-style democracy or the Afganistan-style of Council of Elders) being as I think a synthesis of these two and other forms that respect public dialogue and political discourse is the way to go. Granted, I have "leftish humanist" (not leftist, mind) leanings and have been rather disappointed by the patheitic reaction of the "Western nations" to the uprisings in the Arab world but hope springs eternal.

Having said that, I think Western-style democracy is way over-hyped as THE form of government because with passivity and apathy setting in and calcifying in the West a dangerous vacuum has been created whereby multi-national corporations (those facists!) would dress themselves in user-friendly, capitalist robes and take over and privatize our necessary institutions (social policy, public services, etc.) and all the while blatantly parasiticize our public-funded infrastructures.

I hate fascism (which corporate America epitomizes) as I hate all forms of heavy-handed, supercilious forms of authority and bureacratic structures. The "great Satan" is not the people of the West but the completely anonymous and slippery corporations which the Nazis in Germany perfected.

Those poor Americans and westerners in general: we are utterly inured and domesticated as cows and chickens and do not see that we are on the outside looking in.

To our brothers and sisters in spirit in North Africa and the Middle East and the world over: let plain wisdom and human dignity prevail. Let not human greed and the infinite arrogance of arbitrary power mislead and fool us ever again.


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